in 3.20091017 the following inline

[[!inline pages="internal(foo/bar/baz/*)" show=3 archive="yes" feeds="no" template="sometemplates"]]

with sometemplate being


produced output that links nowhere (<a href="">) while the other variables do fine. This problem does not occur in 3.1415926.

This must be caused by an optimisation that avoids reading the page content when using a template that does not use CONTENT.

I guess that it needs to instead check all the variables the template uses, and read content if PERMALINK, or probably any other unknown variable is used. Unfortunatly, that will lose the optimisation for the archivepage template as well -- it also uses PERMALINK.

So, revert the optimisation? Or, make meta gather the permalink data on scan? That seems doable, but is not a general fix for other stuff that might be a) used in a template and b) gathered at preprocess time.

For now, I am going with the special case fix of fixing meta. I may need to go for a more general fix later. --Joey