I just setup my first OpenID account and tried to login to ikiwiki.info. It all works but being relatively unfamiliar with OpenID, when I was presented with the login page it wasn't at all clear which bits needed to be filled in.

At the moment it looks like this:


[Login] [Register] [Mail Password]

Really this form is presenting two entirely separate ways to login. The "normal" user/pass OR OpenID. Also (I assume) the [Register] and [Mail Password] actions are only relevant to user/pass form.

I would suggest that the form be split into two parts, something like this:

Login (or register) with a username and password:


[Login] [Register] [Mail Password]


Login with OpenID:



As an example, the first time I went to login I filled in all three fields (user, pass, openid) and then clicked [Register] because from the layout I assumed I still had to instantiate an account with ikiwiki ... and to make it even more confusing, it worked! Of course it worked by creating me an account based on the username password and ignoring the OpenID URL.

If you want to keep it as one form, then perhaps using some javascript to disable the other pieces of the form as soon as you fill in one part would help? Eg. If you put in an OpenID URL then Name/Password/Register/Mail Password gets greyed out. If you enter a username then the OpenID URL gets greyed out. -- Adam.

It's one form for architectural reasons -- the OpenID plugin uses a hook that allows modifying that form, but does not allow creating a separate form. The best way to make it obvious how to use it currently is to just disable password auth, then it's nice and simple. :-) Javascript is an interesting idea. It's also possible to write a custom templates that is displayed instead of the regular signin form, and it should be possible to use that to manually lay it out better than FormBuilder manages with its automatic layout. --Joey

I've improved the form, I think it's more obvious now that the openid stuff is separate. Good enough to call this done. I think. --Joey

Looks good, thanks! :-) -- AdamShand