The map directive sort by pagename. That looks kind of odd, when used together with show=title. I would expect it to sort by title then.

This would be quite hard to fix. Map sorts the pages it displays by page name, which has the happy effect of making "foo/bar" come after "foo"; which it has to do, so that it can be displayed as a child of the page it's located in. If sorting by title, that wouldn't hold. So, map would have to be effectively totally rewritten, to build up each group of child pages, and then re-sort those. --Joey

Ok, you are right, that does would break the tree. This made me think that I do not need to generate a tree for my particular use case just a list, so i thought i could use inline instead. This created two new issues:

  1. inline also does sort by pagename even when explicitly told to sort by title.

  2. I cannot get inline to create a list when the htmltidy plugin is switched on. I have a template which is enclosed in an li tag, and i put the ul tag around the inline manually, but htmltidy breaks this. --martin

You might want to check if the report plugin solves your problem. It can sort by title, among other things. --KathrynAndersen

I realise OP posted this 10 years ago, but here's how I do it: I generate using inline with archive=yes and a custom template which defines the LI element content for each post. I then include these inlines (one per calendar year) via another template, which has the wrapping UL elements in it. These templates are .tmpl files (and live in my custom templatedir, although that might not matter) which means they avoid the htmlscrubber. Jon, 2020-04-27

See also: sort parameter for map plugin and directive --smcv