If the Markdown module is installed via CPAN rather than apt then the module is actually Text::Markdown.

I had to edit the source to change this on my old server. I have filed a bug against the Debian markdown, which I guess you can consider a blocking bug of this.

I tried to come up with the magical invocation to allow either location to be used by ikiwiki, but I couldn't do it.

-- ?JamesWestby

Fixed, I think --Joey

Fraid not. The import works ok, but I get Undefined subroutine &Markdown::Markdown called at IkiWiki/Plugin/mdwn.pm line 41. This is what stumped me, I was trying to import as an alias, but couldn't work out how to do it. A flag if you use the second import would be an ugly solution. -- ?JamesWestby

Ok, the markdown in CPAN must be an entirely different version then if it doesn't has a Markdown::Markdown. Interesting, I'll have a look at it. --Joey

It works if you use Text::Markdown::Markdown, sorry, I forgot to mention that. --JamesWestby

I think what I've committed now will work in all cases. Well, unless there are even more forks of markdown out there (the CPAN module is a fork apparently...)


It now compiles here, thanks. --JamesWestby

It's back open in the latest incarnation of Text::Markdown ... the fix is to use the lowercase function name (Text::Markdown::markdown) however w/ this setup it causes a segfault on my system.... down while compiling

*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x08bced80 ***

-- harningt

What version of Text::Markdown are you referring to? If it crashes perl then perhaps you need to find a less evil version... --Joey

The patch in Add support for latest Text::Markdown as found on CPAN adds support for Text::Markdown::markdown(). -- HenrikBrixAndersen Doesn't fix the above double free though. Nevertheless, I think I'm going to call this done since I already added support for Text::Markdown::markdown in git earlier this week. --Joey