The meta plugin, when used to add a stylesheet to a page, adds the following attributes by default:

  • rel="alternate stylesheet"
  • title="mystylesheet"

The intent of this feature, according to the documentation is to "add a stylesheet to a page".

The current default behavior of the plugin implies having the additional stylesheet not activated (if you don't set rel="stylesheet") or only one of them activated (if you add two stylesheets and not set the same title for both). This was hard to understand for two of us while working on and until we went and read those W3C documents.

I think that to match better the description of that feature, and to be easier to comprehend in its default setting, the meta plugin should by default:

  • Set rel="stylesheet".
  • Not set any title.

If we agree on this proposal, I'm willing to provide a patch.

This applies to all versions since c8b4ba3 and until today.