I'd like the more plugin and RSS to play better together. In the case of the html generation of the main page of a blog, I'd like to get the first paragraph out, but keep RSS as a full feed.

Maybe there is a different plugin (I also tried toggle)?

I am not a fan of the more directive (thus the rant about it sucking embedded in its example). But I don't think that weakening it to not work in rss feeds is a good idea, if someone wants to force users to go somewhere to view their full content, they should be able to do it, even though it does suck.

The toggle directive will degrade fairly well in an rss feed to display the full text. (There is an annoying toggle link that does nothing when embedded in an rss feed). --Joey

I also note, that at least currently, more seems to break on a few pages, not being parsed at all when aggregated into the front page.

It's just a simple directive, it should work anywhere any directive will, and does as far as I can see. Details? --Joey

see also: rss feeds do not use recommended encoding of entities for some fields