If an inlined page itself contains an inline directive, the nested directive will produce no output. In this example wiki, the following pages exist:

  • pets: contains some content, and the directive inline pages="pets/* and !pets/*/*" to inline its immediate children.
  • pets/dogs: some content, and inline pages="pets/dogs/*".
  • pets/dogs/fifi, pets/dogs/rover: content.
  • pets/cats, pets/cats/mumu, pets/cats/ceefer: similar.

When rendered, pets contains the content from pets/dogs and pets/cats, but not the pages inlined into them. However, the subpages correctly include their own children.

This used to work in at least ikiwiki 1.45. I stepped through preprocess_inline, but couldn't see why this wasn't working.

Broke due to overoptimisation, fixed now. done --Joey