The CGI tries to decide whether an user is trying to edit a new file or not with the following test:

$form->field(name => "newfile", 
        value => ! -e "$config{srcdir}/$file",
        force => 1);

Assume the script is called like this The if (exists $pagesources{$page}) { test determines whether there's a file called $config{srcdir}/discussion. Most installs won't have a $config{srcdir}/discussion page, so this test will fail causing the else clause to be executed. In this case, the else clause results in $file being set to discussion.mdwn. Thus, on typical installs value => ! -e "$config{srcdir}/$file", always succeeds, which results in the expected behaviour, albeit for the wrong reasons. Similarly, the $form->field(name => "rcsinfo", value => rcs_prepedit($file) line is also meaningless because $file isn't what we think it is.

(To confirm that this wasn't just a result of my imagination, I created ?discussion on this site; feel free to delete it now.)

I've fixed it to only look for an existing page if it's not creating a new page, so done --Joey