I've rebuilt two sites now, and anything that requires a working directory structure isn't working properly. I have no idea how it's doing this. I don't see anything in my templates, and I haven't messed around with the back-end code much.

An example would show this best I think.

/                   <- root of site
/About/             <- sub-directory
      /Policy/      <- sub-sub-

When you're on /About/, any generated links get mapped to /Policy/ and NOT /About/Policy/ - of course this results in a 404 error.

I used to be able to use relative links or absolute ones to get the links I want, and now I can't do either. The generated link results in a 404 due to the stripping of a directory.

I don't know if it's related to the fact that I have one ikiwiki install under another (/blog/ under / is also ikiwiki), but both are FUBAR.

what do you mean by generated links: do you mean the output of wikilinks? Or are you generating links some other way? When you say "on /About/, any generated links get mapped to /Policy/ and NOT /About/Policy" can you provide an example of what source generates the link? -- Jon

No, a [[map]] call, such as:

(actual code)
= = = = =
[[!map pages="About/*" show="title"]]
= = = = =

The end result is:
(actual code)

<div class="map">
<li><a class="mapitem" href="./Policy/">Policy</a>
<li><a class="mapitem" href="./Policy/Microblog/">Microblogging subscription policy</a>

I'm also confused about what is generating the links. The map directive? You? --Joey

see above :)

I suspect this is due to git scanning everything under the pwd of the .git/ directory, but not totally so.

Ikiwiki never, ever, looks in directories with names starting with a dot. --Joey

Other ikiwiki sites I have don't do this, and work OK, on the same server, but different docroots.

Well, I've moved my blog to under my site's docroot - in terms of git and ikiwiki - and it's still cutting out a whole directory level. I have no idea what's going on. I need to check the code. The site is at http://simonraven.kisikew.org/ - if you follow the "About" link, you'll understand exactly what's going on, if you look at the URL in your status bar (or under your cursor if you're using a text browser).

Your page contains the following in its html: <base href="../" />

Given a link like "./Policy/", which is correct, and when on the About page will normally link to the About/Policy page, this causes the link to really link to ".././Policy/" which is of course broken.

Ikiwiki's standard page templates do not contain this base tag, so I guess your customised templates are broken. --Joey done

I totally forgot about that tag... good catch. I was thinking it was my template that was broken, since yesterday, but I couldn't see what. Thank you very much for your eyes.