Pages under templates/ are invalid (in fact, not only invalid, but also not well-formed) xhtml pages.

This problem is especially serious when you change extension from .html to .xhtml in ikiwiki.setup and use Firefox. Since Firefox will display a error message only for not well-formed application/xhtml+xml pages.

It seems that HTML::Template also support <!--Variable--> syntax instead of <Variable>. Chaning to this syntax will solve this problem, I guess.

Even if changed to <!-- TMPL_VAR --> style, the problem may still exist if the template contains if else block.

Maybe just encode all < and > when compling pages within the templates folder will solve this problem.

I never noticed this bug, since it only happens if the htmlscrubber is disabled. --Joey

My templatebody branch on template creation error fixes this. --smcv

Merged --smcv