With the current HEAD (b10d353490197b576ef7bf2e8bf8016039efbd2d), globbing in tagged() pagespecs doesn't work for me. For example, tagged(*) doesn't match any pages. (It does in this wiki installation here, though.)

I did not yet do any testing to figure out when this broke.


Are you sure that tagged() ever matches pages there? Take globbing out of the equasion.

This could be as simple as you having not rebuilt the wiki on upgrade to the version that tracks tagged links. --Joey

Yes, it is a globbing issue:

[[!map  pages="tagged(open_i*ue_gdb)" show=title]]

... doesn't show anything.

[[!map  pages="tagged(open_issue_gdb)" show=title]]

... does show a map of eight pages. Also, it's working fine on the autotags pages.


Only way I can reproduce something like this is if tagbase is not set. I have fixed a bug there, see if it works for you? --Joey

This is now indeed fixed (thanks!) -- even though I already did have tagbase set.