I want match pages which have actually curly braces in the names (like this one), but this matches a lot of pages without the braces in their names :( :

(note: the inline above has been restricted to 3 matches to keep this page concise. Hopefully it is still clear that this page is not in the output set, and the 3 pages in the output set do not contain curly braces in their titles).

When escaped, it doesn't work at all:

More tests:



This is due to the current handling of quoting and escaping issues when converting a pagespec to perl code. safequote is used to safely quote an input string as a q{} quote, and it strips curlies when doing so to avoid one being used to break out of the q{}.

Alternative ways to handle it would be:

  • Escape curlies. But then you have to deal with backslashes in the user's input as they could try to defeat your escaping. Gets tricky.

  • Avoid exposing user input to interpolation as a string. One way that comes to mind is to have a local string lookup hash, and insert each user specified string into it, then use the hash to lookup the specified strings at runtime. done


Thank you! I'll try it. --Ivan Z.