The po plugin systematically overrides the title of the homepage with the wikiname. This prevents explicitly changing it with a meta directive. It should rather check whether it was overridden before setting it back.

Here is a simple patch for that:

diff --git a/Plugin/ b/Plugin/
index 6395ebd..a048c6a 100644
--- a/Plugin/
+++ b/Plugin/
@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@ sub pagetemplate (@) {
            && $masterpage eq "index") {
                $template->param('parentlinks' => []);
-       if (ishomepage($page) && $template->query(name => "title")) {
+       if (ishomepage($page) && $template->query(name => "title") && !$template->query(name => "title_overridden")) {
                $template->param(title => $config{wikiname});


I fixed this patch a bit and applied it to my po branch, thanks (commit 406485917).

But... a bug (probably in HTML::Template) prevents this theoretically correct solution to actually work. Setting a parameter that does not appear in the template, such as title_overridden, is not working on my install: the value does not seem to be stored anywhere, and when accessing it later using $template->param('title_overridden') it is always undef. Adding <TMPL_IF TMPL_VAR TITLE_OVERRIDDEN></TMPL_IF> in page.tmpl is a working, but ugly workaround.

I am nevertheless in favour of merging the fix into ikiwiki. We'll then need to find how to find the remaining (smaller) bug so that this code can actually work.

I'd like others to test my po branch and see if they can reproduce the bug I am talking of.


Commit 406485917 looks fine to me, FWIW --smcv

I tracked the HTML::Template bug (or missing documentation?) a bit more. This lead to commit b2a2246ba in my po branch, that enables HTML::Template's parent_global_vars option which makes title_overridden work.

OTOH I feel this workaround is a bit ugly as this option is not documented. IMHO being forced to use it reveals a bug in HTML::Template. I reported this:

But still, I think we need to apply the workaround as HTML::Template's author has not updated any dist on CPAN for more than one year. --intrigeri

All merged, done. --Joey