On some source .html pages, po4a wrongly detects a malformed document, which makes the po plugin error out and the wiki build is aborted.

I've pushed a patch to my po branch to fix this: it makes po4a warn, instead of error'ing out, when it detects a malformed input document.

This is really a po4a bug which I will report, but since most ikiwiki users are gonna live with Squeeze's po4a for a while, I think we should workaround it in ikiwiki.

Also, the current state of things makes it a bit too easy to break a given ikiwiki site build (DoS) when both the html and po plugins are enabled: inserting a html tag without closing it is enough.


Hmm, so this happened while I was away at the beach and I have a big backlog of stuff, only saw it now. I've merged the match for master and will be releasing that soon. I will cherry-pick the fix into at least my debian-stable branch too. I don't know if this is worth doing a whole security advisory for. --Joey