On the home page of my wiki, when i click on the link "ikiwiki", i get the english file instead of the french file.
At the bottom of this page, there is the "Links" line:
Links: index index.fr templates templates.fr
When i click on "templates.fr", i get the po.file instead of html.

Sorry for the noise! I set "po_master_language" to fr and all was ok.

Any chance you could be a bit more verbose about what the misconfiguration was? I don't think the po plugin should behave like that in any configuration. Unless, perhaps, it was just not configured to support any languages at all, and so the po file was treated as a raw file. --Joey

I can reproduce the bug with:
# po plugin
# master language (non-PO files)
po_master_language => {
code => 'en',
name => 'English'
# slave languages (PO files)
po_slave_languages => [qw{fr|Fran├žais}],

I've never found any .po file in the destination directory on any of my PO-enabled ikiwiki instances. Without more information, there's nothing I can do: the config snippet pasted above is more or less the example one and does not allow me to reproduce the bug. --intrigeri

I think it's best to close this as unreproducible. done --Joey