broken links to translatable basewiki pages that lack po files

If a page is not translated yet, the "translated" version of it displays wikilinks to other, existing (but not yet translated?) pages as edit links, as if those pages do not exist.

That's really confusing, especially as clicking such a link brings up an edit form to create a new, english page.

This is with po_link_to=current or negotiated. With default, it doesn't happen..

Also, this may only happen if the page being linked to is coming from an underlay, and the underlays lack translation to a given language. --Joey

Any simple testcase to reproduce it, please? I've never seen this happen yet. --intrigeri

Sure, go here (Currently 0% translateed) and see the 'WikiLink' link at the bottom, which goes to Compare with eg, the 100% translated Dansk version, where the WikiLink link links to the English WikiLink page. --Joey

Seems not related to the page/string translation status: the 0% translated Spanish version has the correct link, just like the Dansk version => I'm changing the bug title accordingly.

I tested forcing the sv html page to be rebuilt by translating a string in it, it did not fix the bug. I did the same for the Spanish page, it did not introduce the bug. So this is really weird.

The smiley underlay seems to be the only place where the wrong thing happens: the basewiki underlay has similar examples that do not exhibit this bug. An underlay linking to another might be necessary to reproduce it. Going to dig deeper. --intrigeri

After a few hours lost in the Perl debugger, I think I have found the root cause of the problem: in l10n wiki's configured underlaydir, the basewiki is present in every slave language that is enabled for this wiki but Swedish. With such a configuration, the ikiwiki/wikilink page indeed does not exist in Swedish language: no ikiwiki/ can be found where ikiwiki is looking. Have a look to, the basewiki is not available in Swedish language on this wiki. So this is not a po bug, but a configuration or directories layout issue. This is solved by adding the Swedish basewiki to the underlay dir, which is I guess not a possibility in the l10n wiki context. I guess this could be solved by adding SRCDIR/basewiki as an underlay to your l10n wiki configuration, possibly using the add_underlays configuration directive. --intrigeri

There is no complete Swedish underlay translation yet, so it is not shipped in ikiwiki. I don't think it's a misconfiguration to use a language that doesn't have translated underlays. --Joey

Ok. The problem is triggered when using a language that doesn't have translated underlays, and defining po_translatable_pages in a way that renders the base wiki pages translatable in po's view of things, which in turns makes the po plugin act as if the translation pages did exist, although they do not in this case. I still need to have a deep look at the underlays-related code you added to a while ago. Stay tuned. --intrigeri

Fixed in my po branch, along with other related small bugs that happen in the very same situation only. --intrigeri

Merged. Not tested yet, but I trust you; done --Joey