po files are not added to git (error: /path/to/po/file not in repository tree) in my setup.

I have set absolute path for srcdir = '/path/to/repo/doc/'. The root of my git repository is '/path/to/repo/'. When I enable the po plugin, it creates all po files and produces an error when it try to add the file saying that the /path/to/repo/doc/index.fr.po is not in the repository tree.

I have no problem when I use an relative path like srcdir = '.'.

I have an other issue with the po plugin when I set the srcdir to './doc/' (provided that my config file is in /path/to/repo). In this case the po plugin try to add 'doc/doc/index.fr.po' which does not exists (seems like the srcdir path is prepended twice).

You should never use a relative srcdir path with ikiwiki.

I wonder what version of git you have there, since it works ok with the version I have here. But, the po plugin is definitly doing the wrong thing; it's telling git to add the po file with the full scrdir path rather than relative to its root. Fixed that. done --Joey

Yeah, I figured for the relative path Git version (on both my dev and server machines)

Here is an example of what I get when I update the po file on my laptop and I push to the master repository:

 From /srv/git/sb
   5eb4619..ecac4d7  master     -> origin/master
scanning doc.fr.po
building doc.fr.po
building doc.mdwn, which depends on doc.fr
building recentchanges.mdwn, which depends on recentchanges/change_ecac4d7311b15a3a3ed03102b9250487315740bc
fatal: '/srv/www/sb.l.n/new/doc/doc.fr.po' is outside repository
'git add /srv/www/sb.l.n/new/doc/doc.fr.po' failed:  at /usr/share/perl5/IkiWiki/Plugin/git.pm line 161.
To ssh://git.lohrun.net/var/cache/git/songbook.git
   5eb4619..ecac4d7  master -> master

The root repository used to run ikiwiki is /srv/www/sb.l.n/new/ -- AlexandreDupas