Saw a site using the po plugin crash with:

syntax error in pagespec "\"page(./tips/*)"

I suspect the relevant configuration is this:

po_translatable_pages: /index or /hugo or /hugo/keys or /about or /archive or /tips
  or /talks or /imprint or /copyright or /blog or /posts  or /law or /quotes or /quotes/*

Config problems in ikiwiki.setup should really not cause the whole site build to crash; this can make it hard to recover. --Joey

Given who's reporting this, am I right in assuming that's with ikiwiki 3.20150614? --smcv

I try to setup a small site with the auto-blog.setup and played a bit with it: If I activate the po plugin and set po_translateable_pages to something meaningful (like the example: * and !*/Discussion), then I'll get the same error

syntax error in pagespec "\"page(./posts/*)"

but only after a second run of the ikiwiki --setup site.setup

My try to get a clue: deleting any po and pot files and run the rebuild again - works fine
run the rebuild a second time - error as above

tune any of the pagespec variables in the setup and at the inline directives of the blog or sidebar dosn't change anything except leaving the po_translateable_pages empty, than the rebuild works and doesn't create any po files (as expected).

Is this helpful or have I done anything stupid ? -- Michael

This would be helpful if I could reproduce the crash from your instructions, but I couldn't :-( Which version of ikiwiki is this? --smcv

It was version 3.20141016.2 as it is in debian stable / jessie
I tried again with version 3.20160121 as it is in debian sid
same behavior as described

I did setup a new blog with auto-blog.setup, activated the po plugin with the defaults
and get the error again (running ikiwiki --setup twice) --Michael