A site got stuck like this:

/home/b-fusioninventory/public_html/documentation/index.es.html independently created, not overwriting with version from documentation.es

I tried rebuilding it, and the rebuild failed like this:

building recentchanges/change_ef4b9f92821335d96732c4b2c93ed96bc84c2f0d._change, which depends on templates/page.tmpl
removing recentchanges/change_9ca1de878ea654566ce4a8a031d1ad8ed135ea1c/index.html, no longer built by recentchanges/change_9ca1de878ea654566ce4a8a031d1ad8ed135ea1c
internal error: recentchanges/change_9ca1de878ea654566ce4a8a031d1ad8ed135ea1c._change cannot be found in /home/b-fusioninventory/source or underlay

This internal error seems like the root cause of the original failure. ikiwiki crashed and did not record that it wrote the index.es.html file.

Deleting the indexdb and rebuilding cleaned up the problem.

This needs more investigation. --Joey