post-commit hangs

I installed ikiwiki v3.14159 in /usr/local from tarball (/usr contains an older version). Having done so, and used ikiwiki-transition to update setup file, the post commit hook is now blocking in flock (as seen by ps). I should also mention that I added the goodstuff, attachment and remove plugins (which was the purpose of upgrading to v3). Any clues as how to debug/fix gratefully received. The wiki is publically viewable at if that helps.

It's blocking when you do what? Save a page from the web? Make a commit to the underlaying VCS? Which VCS? These are all different code paths.. --Joey

It's blocking when I run "ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup" (which calls hg update, which calls ikiwiki --post-commit). Hmm, maybe it's the recursive call to ikiwiki which is the problem. The underlying VCS is mercurial. --Ali

You're not supposed to run ikiwiki -setup manually in your post commit hook. Doing so will certianly lead to a locking problem; it also forces ikiwiki to rebuild the entire wiki anytime a single page changes, which is very inefficient!

Instead, you should use the mercurial_wrapper setting in the setup file, which will make ikiwiki generate a small executable expressly designed to be run at post commit time. Or, you can use the --post-commit option, as documented in ?mecurial --Joey

I don't run ikiwiki --setup in the commit hook; I run ikiwiki --post-commit (as mentioned above). I'm trying to run ikiwiki --setup from the command line after modifying the setup file. ikiwiki --setup is calling hg update, which is calling ikiwiki --post-commit. Am I not supposed to do that? --Ali

No, I don't think that hg update should call ikiwiki anything. The hgrc example doesn't seem to configure it to do that? --Joey

Ok, I'm not sure I understand what's going on, but my problem is solved.

My hgrc used to say:


incoming.update = hg up

update.ikiwiki = ikiwiki --setup /home/ikiwiki/ikiwiki.setup --post-commit

I've now changed it to match the example page and it works. Thanks --Ali.


Also, how have you arranged to keep it from seeing the installation in /usr? Perl could well be loading modules from the old installation, and if it's one with a different locking strategy that would explain your problem. --Joey

Good point. Not knowing perl, I just assumed /usr/local would take precedence. I've now used "dpkg -r ikiwiki" to remove the problem. --Ali