Prettydate creates strings like this: Last edited in the wee hours of Tuesday night, July 1st, 2009. However, July 1st is a Wednesday, so either date or Weekday should be modified. In the spirit is probably Tuesday night, June 30th. --ulrik

The default prettydate times are fairly idiosyncratic to how Joey thinks about time. Specifically, it's still Tuesday night until he wakes up Wednesday morning -- which could be in the afternoon. :-P But, Joey also realizes that dates change despite his weird time sense, and so July 1st starts at midnight on Tuesday and continues through Tuesday night and part of Wednesday.

(This might not be as idiosyncratic as I make it out to be.. I think that many people would agree that in the wee hours of New Years Eve, when they're staggering home ahead of the burning daylight, the date is already January 1st.)

I think the bug here is that prettydate can't represent all views of time. While the times of day can be configured, and it's possible to configure it to call times after midnight "Wednesday morning, July 1st", it is not possible to configure the date or weekday based on the time of day.

In order to do so, prettydate's timetable would need to be extended to include the "%B %o, %Y" part, and that extended to include "%B-", "%o-", and "%Y-" to refer to the day before.


fair enough, I think I can get converted to a warped time perspective. --ulrik

Perhaps we can consider this done, then? --smcv