i'm migrating my blog from drupal, and i wrote this (what i thought was) clever script to tap directly into the mysql db. so far it's working great, and the contents gets imported, but the problem is that the order of posts is all FUBAR.

The blog is here: http://anarc.at/blog/

the migration script is here: http://anarc.at/services/wiki/drupal/drupal2ikiwiki.py

at the time of writing, the current post is: http://anarc.at/blog/2007-02-08-la-menace-de-linternet-%C3%A0-deux-vitesses/

the page itself says it was created 8 years ago. why is it on top? it's as if the sort=meta(date) parameter was ignored. if i try to preview the blog page, the results i get are basically random.

how do i import dates properly? --anarcat

Gaaah, nevermind, this is done, i had redirection pages that were messing all this up. sorry for the noise.