When renaming a page here, ikiwiki destroyed unrelated links from unrelated pages. You can see the effect here, or by checking out the git tree (git://mesh.openisp.ca/ ) and looking at commit dc8dfa96efd3a4d649f571c3aa776f20b3ce0131.

The renamed page was configuration/bat-hosts to configuration/batman/bat-hosts and the deleted links were `[[AUR | https://aur.archlinux.org/]] and [[CHANGELOG|http://svn.dd-wrt.com:8000/browser/src/router/batman-adv/CHANGELOG]]. --anarcat

Nevermind that, that commit was unrelated to the rename and probably an operator error. - No, actually, I just reproduced this again - see another example.

Looks like these all involve the wacky wikilink form that includes an external url in the link. Fixed rename code to know about those. done --Joey

Phew!!! Thanks a lot for that one, it was really annoying! :) --anarcat