If you create a foo.rst containing only a number, such as "11", rendering results in the following error being thrown. (Now that I've fixed the error throwing code..):

exceptions.TypeError:coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, int found


Does this patch against proxy.py help?

index 5136b3c..545e226 100755
--- a/plugins/proxy.py
+++ b/plugins/proxy.py
@@ -88,7 +101,7 @@ class _IkiWikiExtPluginXMLRPCHandler(object):

    def _write(out_fd, data):
-        out_fd.write(data)
+        out_fd.write(str(data))


No, still the same failure. I think it's failing parsing the input data, (which perl probably transmitted as an int due to perl internals) not writing out its response. --Joey

On second thought, this was a bug in ikiwiki, it should be transmitting that as a string. Fixed in external.pm --Joey

done a while ago, then. I've added a regression test now. --smcv