During ikiwiki make phase the rst process hangs:
ps output
gdb backtrace 1
gdb backtrace 1

working with python 2.7
not working with python3.3~3.4

Retitled this bug report since it seems to be specific to Python 3.

The rst plugin is probably more commonly used with Python 2. It seems likely that there is some Python-3-specific bug in proxy.py, perhaps introduced by commit 154c4ea "properly encode and decode from/to utf8 when sending rpc to ikiwiki".

I can reproduce this on Debian by installing python3-docutils and changing the first line of plugins/proxy.py, the first line of plugins/pythondemo, the first line of plugins/rst and the system() call in t/rst.t to use python3 instead of python. --smcv

looks like the problem is in proxy.py
ml = IkiWikiExtPluginXMLRPCHandler.read(in_fd).decode('utf8')

without decode('utf8') is working

That call was introduced to fix a bug under Python 2 so it cannot just be removed, but I've put a proposed branch on this related bug. --smcv

tested and fixed with patch http://git.pseudorandom.co.uk/smcv/ikiwiki.git/commitdiff/38bd51bc1bab0cabd97dfe3cb598220a2c02550a and patch http://git.pseudorandom.co.uk/smcv/ikiwiki.git/commitdiff/81506fae8a6d5360f6d830b0e07190e60a7efd1c

done, pending release --smcv