I just tried to clone the git repo onto a windows machine to test things out a bit and it turns out i cannot even successfully checkout the code because of those colons. Would a patch changing those to underscores be accepted? --Mithaldu

Well, this is a difficult thing. Ikiwiki has a configuration setting to prevent it writing filenames with colons, but for backwards compatability that is not enabled by default. Also nothing would stop people from making commits that added filenames with colons even if it were disabled in ikiwiki. I don't know that trying to work around obscure limitations in OSs that I've never heard of ikiwiki being used on is worth the bother TBH, but have not really made up my mind. --Joey

I'm not trying to run it there. Ikiwiki is way too friggin' weird to try that. I just want to be able to check out the main repo so i can work in a native editor. Right now your core repository is downright hostile to cross-platform development in any way, shape or form. (Just plain splitting the docs from the code would work too.) --Mithaldu

Does(n't) cygwin handle the filename limitation/translations? If so, can you check out via git inside a cygwin environment? — Jon

That actually allows me to check things out, but the resulting repo isn't compatible with most of the rest of my system, so it's extremely painful. --Mithaldu