Also, I'd like to put the shortcut usages into backticks -- <a href="">shortcuts</a> -- to have them displayed in the usual backtick-formatting. That also doesn't work, but this is an already-reported issue, as far as I know.


The encoding of the shortcut text is done so that a shortcut can have spaces in it etc and they're converted into a valid url. As in the example of a shortcut to the wikipedia page for "War of 1812" (although the example puts underscores in, it should also work without them).

I suspect that if I dropped the endoding of characters other than space and maybe plus, it would break some shortcuts though. Consider a shortcut used to do a google search for "foo&bar". You want to encode the "&" in that search, otherwise google will search for just foo!

It does seem to be partly a web server problem, since savannah's viewvc doesn't decode the escaped characters in the path string.

I could add a %S that is not escaped, and leave %s escaped.. --Joey