On my initial ikiwiki -setup auto.setup, I get the following error:

shortcut plugin will not work without shortcuts.mdwn
/home/turian/utils/etc/ikiwiki/auto.setup: ikiwiki --refresh --setup /home/turian/iki.setup failed at IkiWiki/Setup/Automator.pm line 105.

This is using the latest git pull of ikiwiki. I am not sure why it is not finding shortcuts.mdwn. -- JosephTurian

The error, and the weird paths suggest to me that you have installed ikiwiki in a strange way, and it is failing to find its basewiki underlay. The $installdir is hardcoded into IkiWiki.pm at build time, based on the PREFIX setting (see README).

If that's not set right, you'll have other problems than just this one, so I suggest you check how you installed ikiwiki.

Anyway, I've made the shortcut plugin only warn about this.. --Joey

I have $installdir="/home/turian/utils/" and the underlay dir is set to: "$installdir/share/ikiwiki/basewiki", which does contain shortcuts.mdwn. So I am not sure why it is not finding it. I am grappling with installing ikiwiki in a user account, and would like to get the directories set up correctly. How can I debug this issue further?

Why don't you strace it and look at where it's looking for shortcuts.mdwn. --Joey

Hmm, so change the PERL5LIB seemed to fix this. Done.