I have tried to use the sparkline plugin today and it failed with:

remote: PHP Fatal error:  Cannot use 'Object' as class name as it is reserved in /usr/share/php/sparkline/Object.php on line 71        

... at built time. I have tried to follow the instructions in sparkline but those also failed with because php5 is long gone from Debian, of course. The libdigest-sha1-perl package also seems gone, so I have tried this:

apt install libsparkline-php php-gd php-cli

... but that is how I ended up with the above failures. I suspect the embedded PHP code in ikiwiki needs to be ported to PHP 7 (or 8 now?)...

But really, maybe, the sparkline Perl library should be examined again. Surely it's not that bad that we need PHP around here, do we? It looks like SVG::Sparkline could be a good candidate although there's also Text::Sparkline.

Or maybe sparklines are dead... http://sparkline.org doesn't even resolve... Time flies, doesn't it? -- anarcat

I hit this a little while ago and ended up ditching the sparkline plugin. But, if it is to be resurrected, I would agree with ditching PHP here, too. For my use-case the data changes so infrequently (this graph of blog posts by year, not including the current year) that I manually generate something in LibreCalc annually, and copy the resulting picture in. Jon, 2023-01-20