I have several complaints that users cannot contribute to my ikiwiki instances since they only have OpenID logins that support OpenID2. E.g. Yahoo!'s OpenID only supports 2.0+

This is not the fault of ikiwiki, though the problem lies within the perl openid consumer in Debian which is a 1.x implementation AFAIK.

I've contacted JanRain who have pointed me to:

However both Perl OpenID 2.x implementations have not been released and are incomplete implementations. :(

Both of the projects referenced above have since been released. Net::OpenID::Consumer 0.x in Debian is indeed only an OpenID 1 implementation. However, Net::OpenID::Consumer 1.x claims to be an OpenID 2 implementation (it's the second of the projects above). I've filed a bug in Debian asking for the package to be updated. --smcv

Net::OpenID::Consumer 1.x is now in Debian unstable --dom

I've tested with yahoo, and it works with the updated module. Sweet and done --Joey

A quick fix for the impatient running stable is simply sudo apt-get install libnet-openid-consumer-perl -t unstable