If you're using ikiwiki without installing it, the svn post-commit wrapper will die (in a difficult-to-debug way) when it tries to execute ikiwiki.pl because it can't find IkiWiki.pm.

I'm not sure how to fix this in a secure way. For now I'm just changing use lib '.' in ikiwiki.pl to point to the hard-coded directory where ikiwiki was unpacked.

This workaround doesn't work here. "./ikiwiki.pl --setup ikiwiki.setup" is ok, but the wrappers fail in action. Using "FindBin" seems a solution. Here is a (kinda ugly) patch which also allows you to use basewiki + templates in the source directory. The patched version works fine in my homepage. --?Roktas

New versions of ikiwiki support installation to nonstandard paths, just set PREFIX to the path when running Makefile.PL, and it will set up ikiwiki to look in the place it installed the libraries for its perl libraries, etc.

I don't understand why the wrappers would fail if it were confgured link that. --Joey

I didn't install it, which was the problem. I'm running ikiwiki from a hosting account somewhere so I didn't even try. You're right, it works fine if you actually follow the directions. :) --Ethan

Ok, well, I'll mark this done then. --Joey