I think there might be an issue in the backlinks calculation in ikiwiki 3.04.

I've just migrated to 3.04. In doing so, the following pagespec

"log/ and !link(tag/aggregation) and !link(tag/draft) and !/Discussion"

...started matching pages which contained

[[!template draft]]

The page templates/draft.mdwn contains (amongst some markup)

[[!tag draft ]]

Prior to migration, the pagespec definitely took effect post-transclusion.

An example: http://jmtd.net/log/too_much_debconf_a_bad_thing/ contains the template inclusion, which can be seen to have worked due to markup at the bottom of the page. It even includes a "Tags: draft" link at the bottom.

Strangely, http://jmtd.net/tag/draft/ does not contain backlinks to pages which are tagged using the procedure above.

After the first rebuild, it's broken, after a subsequent refresh, it is fixed. I've reproduced this twice (but assumed I'd done something wrong the first time, so went ahead and migrated live, spamming planet debian in the process :(). I will try and put together a testcase. -- Jon, 2009/02/17

Looks like the same problem as cannot reliably use meta in template. AFAIK, this has never worked reliably, although the linked page has a simple, though potentially expensive fix. --Joey

fix made, done --Joey