By default, tflag is not defined. But has -T causing build failure:

perl -Iblib/lib ikiwiki.out -libdir . -setup docwiki.setup -refresh "-T" is on the #! line, it must also be used on the command line at ikiwiki.out line 1.

pm_filter removes the -T from when generating ikiwiki.out unless NOTAINT=0 is set. I cannot reproduce your problem. --Joey

Thanks. Now I see. NetBSD and DragonFly and several other systems don't have /usr/bin/perl so that path is replaced in the sh-bang lines of various scripts. So it doesn't match in the pm_filter expression. Can you please consider providing a variable or not matching on that assumed path to perl.

--- pm_filter.orig      2008-04-28 07:59:58 -0700
+++ pm_filter   2008-04-28 08:01:21 -0700
@@ -20,6 +20,6 @@
                $_="use lib '$libdir';\n";
-elsif ($. == 1 && ($ENV{NOTAINT} || ! exists $ENV{NOTAINT}) && m{^(#!/usr/bin/perl) -T$}) {
+elsif ($. == 1 && ($ENV{NOTAINT} || ! exists $ENV{NOTAINT}) && m{^(#!.*) -T$}) {


I could look for "#!.perl -T", if that would work. #!.-T is perhaps over-broad. --Joey

Yes, being more precise should be fine. Note that some may have bin/perl5 or bin/perl5.8.8 for example, so please consider optional number, like ^(#!/./perl[0-9].*) -T$ or something like that.