If the same teximg is put on multiple pages, the second one will fail:

Error: /home/joey/html//teximg/3eb2b61be1e909df9008a499863eec90.png independently created, not overwriting with version from pics

Ikiwiki doesn't support the concept of two different pages owning the same file; only one page can own a file. I don't see a good way around that, w/o large changes to ikiwiki.

This could be fixed by making the teximg directory be a subdirectory of the page containing the image. I seem to remember suggesting this to winnie, and I forget why it wasn't done.. maybe because the same teximg on multiple pages was expected to work, and as an optimisation for that case? --Joey

At first the plugin doesn't use the writefile etc. functions of ikiwiki, but uses own ones (so the created img wasn't owned by any page). Then this setup of course works.

After switching to the ikiwiki functions it seems so that I doesn't test this again... sorry a error of mine. I'll work out a fix for this. I think this will be a own dir for images for every page.