I spent hours trying to understand why my wiki suddenly refused me to log in (using passwordauth). The failure message was always: login failed, perhaps you need to turn on cookies?

Inspecting the cookie information (thanks to Iceweasel's webdeveloper add-on), I realized there were some weird-looking encoded chars in the cookie name.

Replacing "ยท" with "-" in wikiname fixed this login issue.

Hmm, Recai sent me a patch a long time ago to handle utf-8 here by encoding the wikiname. But it doesn't seem to work, somehow the encoded utf-8 value still doesn't make it through. (CGI::Session seems to have underermined utf-8 issues too.) Seems like I will have to possibly break some sessions and entity-encode the wikiname in the cookie.. done. --Joey

I confirm it fixes the bug for me. --intrigeri

(BTW, such a char was replaced by -I don't remember what encoding thingie- in my setup file, when running ikiwiki-transition setupformat.)

Thanks for the heads up, fixed that too. --Joey

I confirm it fixes the bug for me. --intrigeri