My web server runs in a chroot jail. This makes things interesting because the paths are slightly different depending on whether you are inside or outside the chroot.

To override an incorrectly guessed path, I set setupconf in the .setup file. I also set allow_symlinks_before_srcdir=>1. However, when I tried websetup, the setup file was correctly changed but these important settings disappeared. This seems like a bug.

I don't know what "setupconf" is. This is the first mention of it in the ikiwiki source tree.

I've fixed the allow_symlinks_before_srcdir issue. --Joey

I meant setupfile as in IkiWiki::Setup::dump($config{setupfile}) from IkiWiki/Plugin/

Sorry for the confusion.

Ok, that's an internal setting that I never envisioned someone digging out and setting in their setup file. It could be made an exported config option, but then every generated setup file will have this setting in it, which will be at best redundant.

Can you find another solution, such as a symlink, for your special case?

I see your point. done