If i intsall perl modules in my custom directory, cgi wrapper can't find them. I found clearing enviroment variables in code of wrapper. But information about custom directories put to perl with PERL5LIB variable.

Workaround: add newenviron variable PERL5LIB

My additional question - what wrapper do? I'am russian hosting provider. I am interesting with ikiwiki.

The wrapper allows ikiwiki to run as the user who owns the wiki, which is generally not the same as the user that runs the web server. (It also handles some other things, like some locking.)

As a suid program, the wrapper cannot safely let environment variables pass through.

If you want to install ikiwiki's perl modules in a nonstandard location, you can set INSTALL_BASE when running Makefile.PL. ikiwiki will then be built to look in that location. --Joey