I have a blog-like page collecting item, that's ok, display is good, rss url is correct. In some of the items, I have another rss. When viewing the item itself, url of the rss is correct. But when viewing the item inside the main page, the basepath of the rss is wrong, thus the url doesn't go anywhere.

For example :

(1) a blog-like page which is collecting tag entry :

  • address of the page : /tag.html
  • address of the rss : /tag.rss

(2) a tag item "foo" which is containing a rss, listing all the foo-tagged pages.

  • address of the item : /tag/foo.html
  • address of the rss : /tag/foo.rss

(3) when viewing /tag.html

  • the rss url inside tag/foo.html is /foo.rss, not /tag/foo.rss

Is it a bug or did I miss something ?

I've fixed at least two bugs in this area in the unreleased ikiwiki in subversion, one just now. If you still see the problem using the ikiwiki version in subversion, it would be helpful if you could post a tarball of your wiki, or a test case derived from it that I can use to reproduce the problem --Joey

Joey, thank you, it's ok now. (since the version 1.40, AFAIK, maybe earlier) --Hugues (hb)

Thanks for the followup, tagging this done.