What is the correct way to install the .tmpl files? -- JosephTurian

For themes that need them, you can set templatedir to some directory in your setup file, and put the templates there. Or install directly overtop ikiwiki's standard templates (in, eg /usr/share/ikiwiki/templates) --Joey

How can I update a .css file uploaded to the CSS market? My CSS has been updated to address comments (for the comments plugin), but I cannot find a way to update zack.css. The most recent version is always available at: http://git.upsilon.cc/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=zack-homepage.git;a=blob_plain;f=local.css;hb=HEAD

-- ?StefanoZacchiroli

Just letting me know about the change works -- updated. --Joey

Added small changes to embeddedmoose.css to work with ikiwiki 3.x. Figured here is as good as any until Josh can review and update if he so chooses: http://bosboot.org/tb-embeddedmoose.css. It removes annoying borders around the header and footer. -- TimBosse

I removed this from the list since both places to download it are broken. --Joey

  • Refresh, contributed by ?FredericLespez. Adapted from a free template designed by styleshout. You can see it here. You can download the local.css file and the modified templates here.

    • This link (above) seems to deliver an empty tarball.

    • You'll find a updated version of these templates here. These templates are known to work with ikiwiki 2.31, and since I'll install always the newest one on my server I'll will update them on a regular basis.

      • (This link appears to be broken?)

Perhaps suggesting people make a new page with their css code in it on ikiwiki.info/css market/ to link to would avoid dead links in the future?