I feel like I must be missing something.

My blog is based on Ikiwiki, and uses /yyyy/mm/dd/title/ for blog posts. Because I use the plugin that generates index pages for subdirectories, I have to use /????/??/??/* to identify posts and avoid missing the index pages for years, months and days.

I've enabled the comments plugin, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to make the comment form appear on my posts. I've removed the entire site and have rebuilt. I've set the pagespec to /????/??/??/ and ./????/??/??/, but neither seems to work. I don't see any output, or anything else to indicate that pages aren't working.

Are there any other plugins that need to be enabled for this to work? I think I've locked things down such that anonymous users can't edit by enabling signinedit and setting a lock, but this may be blocking the ability to comment (though I don't recall seeing anything in the docs about needing additional plugins.)

Just use '????/??/??/*' , and it will work. Pagespecs are automatically matched absolute to the top of the site, and adding a leading "/" is not necessary and will make the PageSpec not match. (And the relative PageSpec with "./" is not right in this case either). --Joey