I'm getting a number of errors like this when running ikiwiki:

utf8 "\xA2" does not map to Unicode at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/IkiWiki.pm line 739, <$in> chunk 1.

I think it's because some of my files contain non-utf8, non-unicode, or somehow bad characters in them, probably fancy quotes and the like that have been copy-and-pasted from my web browser. The problem is that I have hundreds of files, I transferred them all over from pyblosxom to ikiwiki at once, and the error message doesn't tell me which file the error comes from. How can I fix this?

-- seanh

Unfortunatly, these messages are logged by perl so there's no way to add a filename to them.

If you run the build in --verbose mode, you should see which page ikiwiki is working on, and unless it inlines some other page, you can be pretty sure that page contains invalid utf-8 if the message is then printed.

Another option is to use the isutf8 program from moreutils, and run it on each file, it will tell you the line number and character position that is invalid. --Joey