I have been browsing the templates directory and the css files to understand where the placement of the feedbuttons is determined, but can't seem to figure it out fully. They appear to be generated by line 388 in inline.pm for a blog setup, which reads in feedlink.tmpl. Is there a way to configure where they are rendered on the page in page.tmpl or through some crafty CSS?

Thanks, Frederik

I don't think it is possible to reposition the feedlink buttons that are generated by the inline plugin. This is a reasonable enhancement request: Alas no one is working on IkiWiki at the moment.

Instead, you could hide those ones altogether (by e.g. specifying a templatedir in your setup that contains an empty feedlink.tmpl file) and use another method to include some in the location you want, such as just plain old HTML (the content is static enough). — Jon, 2023-06-07