I'm new to ikiwiki and I'm trying to install it and set it up. I've read the documentation but I still don't understand how access to the repository works. We want ikiwiki to run on one machine but we want the repository to be on a separate machine running svn. How can I configure ikiwiki to access the repository on the remote machine? And how is authentication on the remote host handled in ikiwiki? Does there have to be a one-to-one correspondence between account names (and passwords) on the ikiwiki machine and the accounts on the svn machine? Thanks,


... on exactly what you are trying to do, you may find some answers here.
Comment by Adam Mon Jan 24 23:00:12 2011

To do what you describe, you would set up the svn repository on your server, and then do a regular svn checkout of it to the machine running ikiwiki, and configure ikiwiki to use that directory as its srcdir. The only unix user ikiwiki does anything as is the one you use to set it up, so it's up to you to allow that user to commit to svn without needing to enter a password.

However, I don't recommend this configuration at all. You're adding a ssh (or webdav) connection overhead to every edit to the wiki, since ikiwiki's commit to svn will have to be pushed across the network to the server. And ikiwiki's svn support is missing many of the newer ikiwiki features, such as including for example support for easily reverting edits.

Comment by joey Tue Jan 25 14:30:01 2011