Dear users,

using the directive inline, I want to show all pages (for example named 2008.10.2:foo.mdwn or 2009.12.3:bar.mdwn), whose date in the title are in the future. So in this example only the second one.

I did not find a directive doing this in PageSpec.

Does somebody have an idea? I just came up with using a tag “recent” or using a separate folder. But this would be a quite some work to maintain this setup.



There's no such pagespec, and doing one is difficult, because such a pagespec will change what it matches over time. So ikiwiki would have to somehow figure out that pages matched by it yesterday no longer match, and that pages containing the pagespec need to be rebuilt. Which means you'd also need a cron job.

Thank you for the explanation.

I suspect what you're trying to accomplish is tagging with a publication date? --Joey

Yeah, something like that. Thanks! --?PaulePanter