In other wikis for example in mediawiki there is a revision history of every single page (and not only of the whole wiki).

Is it possible to have this in ikiwiki, too?

Er, but IkiWiki does have this. Click on "History" and you get the revision history of that page.
Comment by kerravonsen [] Mon Sep 26 18:52:07 2011
Hm. I overlooked that has this. However my own wiki doesn't. Do I have adjust any settings to get this?
Comment by micheal Tue Sep 27 13:49:15 2011
historyurl is the setting in the .setup file: it just links to an external history viewer, which is likely to be more advanced and better-suited to your RCS than anything built into ikiwiki would be. Use your favourite viewer for the RCS you're using - uses gitweb, you could also use something like cgit - and write [[file]] where you want the filename to appear.
Comment by smcv Thu Sep 29 12:10:22 2011