I'm using the trail plugin with the actiontabs theme, and the prev/next links seem to appear in a strange way on the page.

I use modified CSS, but it changes just the colors and some font sizes. Nothing related to positions and trails.

Here's an example - the top prev/next links appear above the action tabs. Is this normal? I'm using the ikiwiki version from Debian 7 stable.

I can look at the CSS and try to figure this out, but I don't know much CSS or how the trail plugin works. If anyone uses trails, especially with actiontabs, and can help me - it will be great.

Thanks in advance!


I looked at the file page.tmpl and it seems I may be able to change the trail link location if I edit that file. Would it be a good/possible solution to edit it and put it in the git repo to be used instead of the default one?


That's how I intended trails to look with actiontabs: http://actiontabs.hosted.pseudorandom.co.uk/posts/second_post/ is another example.

With the way the actiontabs theme works, if you want to move the trail bits down into the content area (white background in the unedited theme) you might have to alter both page.tmpl and the actiontabs CSS. You'll see that the actiontabs CSS has a special case for trails, because the tabs and the trail links would overlap otherwise - you might have to remove that special case. --smcv

Thanks, I'll try that. But I've been using those trails in the last several hours and I'm beginning to get used to the current layout. Maybe I'll just keep it :-)

(Anyway the way trail links look on my wiki is valid, it's exactly like on your link, only with different colors. I suppose it's just a cosmetic issue then)