I am using ikiwiki for a spanish language wiki. I've read the translation page and po plugin page but it is not completely clear to me. As I understand it the po plugin is the recommended way to create translated versions of existing pages in your wiki based on a master language. But I actually don't need that as myself and other users already edit the wiki in spanish. What I would actually like is to have the ikiwiki interface itself translated into spanish. Is it possible to have my wiki always appear in spanish? I can see that the debian package already includes po files for spanish. How do i activate the spanish translation permanently? Did I miss something obvious?

Ikiwiki has a Spanish translation of much of the program's output. However, there is currently no translation of the page.tmpl and other templates that are used to build your wiki. You can of course modify these and translate them yourself, but we have no way to maintaining those translations in po files. --Joey