Can you give me a hint for showing if one user is logged or not. If user is logged, then I want to display the user name, as wikipedia or dokuwiki for example. Regards, Xan.

ikiwiki doesn't serve pages, so this can't be done inside ikiwiki. For certain kinds of authentication it might be possible anyway. For instance, if you're using httpauth exclusively and your server has PHP, you could put <?php print("$REMOTE_USER"); ?> in all the relevant ikiwiki templates and arrange for the generated HTML pages to get run through the PHP interpreter. The trick would work differently with other auth plugins, if at all. --Schmonz

Thanks a lot, Xan.

Another possible trick would be to use some Javascript to make a "who am I?" AJAX request to the CGI (the CGI would receive the session cookie, if any, and be able to answer). Obviously, this wouldn't work for users who've disabled Javascript, but since it's non-essential, that's not so bad. You'd need to write a plugin to add a suitable CGI action, perhaps ?do=whoami, and insert the Javascript. --smcv

It's an idea, but you're trading off a serious speed hit for a very minor thing. --Joey

Cool idea. A similar trick (I first saw it here) could be used to provide a passwordauth-like login form for httpauth. --Schmonz

I always assumed the entire reason someone might want to use the httpauth plugin is to avoid nasty site-specific login forms.. --Joey