Is there a way to support backslash or other "unusual" characters in the output .html names?

I added \\ to wiki_file_chars (not just \ since this value is the contents of a Perl [...] regexp, per But doing this and then creating a file \foo.mdwn on the source side is not enough, because the backslash is autotranslated to / (for the sake of Windows I suppose), resulting in

I'm looking to make a TeX-related wiki. Hence having backslash as a normal character is desirable. I know there would be plenty more complications, but, just exploring the options ...

Generalizing from backslashes, is there a way to control the mapping from .mdwn names to the output .html names (and directories I guess), apart from the specific usedirs and indexpages settings?

I've glanced through plugins and done a bunch of web searches without any success. Any help appreciated. Thanks. --?KarlBerry