Ok, I'm trying to get into a good routine where I keep ikiwiki updated for my site. The plan is to keep a local (partial) git clone, and rebuild from tagged release commits.

I started out with 3.20140831, more or less like this:

$ git clone ...
$ git checkout 3.20140831
$ perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=$HOME/blah
$ make
$ make install
$ cd ~/my-wiki-admin-stuff
$ ~/blah/bin/ikiwiki --dumpsetup=my.wiki.setup
$ vi my.wiki.setup
$ ~/blah/bin/ikiwiki --setup my.wiki.setup

So far so good. Fast-forward (heh) to 3.20140916:

$ git fetch ...
$ git merge --ff-only FETCH_HEAD
$ git checkout 3.20140916
$ perl Makefile.PL ... ; make ; make install
$ cd ~/my-wiki-admin-stuff ; ~/blah/bin/ikiwiki --setup my.wiki.setup

This happened to work, but in general if the new ikiwiki version had new setup options I needed to know about, I wouldn't necessarily find out, and I could be running the new version with something important taking an inappropriate default because I didn't add it to the setup file.

What I'm looking for is some sort of

ikiwiki --read-my-current-setup-file-and-write-one-with-the-same-config-but-with-new-options-shown-and-commented


Will ikiwiki --changesetup setupfile do what I'm looking for?

I'm hoping for something simple that takes care of the way the setup sections are conditional (so --dumpsetup doesn't even show you git options unless it knows rcs=git, so ideally it would look in the current setup to learn what to dump).

How are other folks handling this routinely?